Save Asian Souls in Nepal

Save Asian Souls operate a network of safe houses to shelter Nepalese teenage girls who are at risk of being preyed upon by human traffickers. Here’s a summary of our accomplishments so far.

Quick rundown of our activities in Nepal

25 safe houses are operated by Save Asian Souls in Nepal.

222 girls are being sheltered in these safe houses and trained in vocational skills to prepare them for eventual employment.

105 Christians. These girls have freely opted to be baptized into the church of Christ.

Poverty in Nepal

Around 5 million people in Nepal are undernourished.

Nepal has been the victim of numerous natural disasters. 

Nepal’s government is known for being corrupt. 

For every 1,000 children born in Nepal, 35 died before their fifth birthday

Lack of advanced farming methods makes it hard for progress against poverty in Nepal.

Teaching the Good News

Vocational Training

Success Stories in Nepal

Ganga Praja

  • Sold into slavery at age 8
  • Mistreated severely on multiple occasions
  • Arrived at SAS safe house on November, 2016
  • Ganga was baptized by the ministers at the Narayanghat Church of Christ.

Bimala Ghalan

  • 13 year old from Nepal
  • Mother left family with another man
  • Step Father tried to sell Bimala
  • Now thriving at a SAS safe house!

Public Education Efforts

Sustainability Efforts

Girls Planting Flowers in their Yard

Church Building Construction Works

Disaster Relief Efforts

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