Save Asian Souls is a Christian non-profit organization whose goal is to rescue teens (approx. ages 8 to 20) in Asia who would possibly become targets for human trafficking to other countries.

Save Asian Souls frees and empowers teens who are at risk for abuse, exploitation and oppression. This is accomplished by collaborating with local initiatives of education, economic empowerment, anti-trafficking and advocacy.
Out of an estimated total of 35,000 – 50,000 individuals trafficked in 2015 – 7 % were from Asia.
Thirty-NINE million people were estimated to be victims of trafficking in 2020.
Trafficking for sex plays a major role in the spread of HIV. The girls who are trafficked will be destroyed within about seven years. The mobs use drugs to control the girls. They become addicted and are controlled because of their addiction.
Yes, the process will take several years. As soon as a girl enters our system she will receive a USCIS work permit and she will begin the process to receive a “T” visa to remain in the USA. She will receive education and vocational training to be able to support herself in the USA.
The Sudanese phrase “use a slave-to-catch-a-slave.” The recruiters use broken in girls to recruit younger girls. Females will trust another female before trusting a male recruiter.
Yes, the harvesting of organs is a major part of human trafficking. When the girls reach their middle twenties all too often the girls are destroyed for their organs. A kidney is worth US $70,000 and a liver is worth US $50,000 on the organ black market.
Regular financial statement are posted on this web site. The financial statements show how the funds are used for the vulnerable girls. One hundred percent of the funds go to support, educate and care for the girls. Overhead is paid by other contributions. Many volunteers work for SAS and do not receive a salary. SAS’s overhead is the lowest of all nonprofit foundations.
SAS provides open-heart and cleft palate surgery for any child under the age of 16 year. All girls in safe houses receive medical care.
  1.  Donate to the cause
  2.  Sponsor a girl
  3.  Spread the word
  4.  Pray for the victims
  5.  Give frequent flyer miles (35,000)
  6.  Be a Bible team member or teacher in Asia (short term)
  7.  Teach English using the Bible
There are thousands of young girls in Asia who are trafficked each year from their home country. Most of these teens are living in poverty without jobs or education. A large percentage are orphans. The governments of Asia readily admit that poor teens are subjected to trafficking. Most cannot go to school because their relatives are too poor to pay the school tuition. We find these teens living with a grandparent or relative, who are too poor to provide for their care and they are subjected to traffickers. We need sponsors for teenagers to provide a foster homes or safe houses, Bible teaching, vocational education, health care and other necessities of life.
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