Sponsor a Girl

There are thousands of young girls in Asia who are trafficked each year from their home country.  Most of these teens are living in poverty without jobs or education.  A large percentage are orphans. The governments of Asia readily admits that the poor teens are subjected to trafficking.  Most cannot go to school because the relatives are too poor to pay for the school tuition.  We find these teens living with a grandparent or relative who are too poor to provide for their care which makes them vulnerable to traffickers.  

SAS also provides care for victims of human trafficking who have been recruited into the USA or US citizens ( age 12 to 20) who have been recruited into human trafficking in the USA.  We need sponsors for these teenagers to provide a foster home or safe house, Bible teaching, vocational education, health care and other necessities of life.

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsoring a teen is a means of providing about two years of support for the child until they complete vocational training and can take care of themselves, no longer being vulnerable to recruiters.  By sponsoring, you agree to send in regular payments for the care of a teenager.  If possible, we ask that you commit to at least two full years of support when you sign up for this sponsorship program.  It is also a rich and rewarding experience for the sponsors.

What is the Cost of Sponsorship?

Our average cost for each child is approximately $30 per month.  We offer both full and co-sponsorship programs.  The full sponsorship program allows a sponsor to fully support a teenage girl for $30 per month.  With the co-sponsorship program, we assign two sponsors to a child, and each co-sponsor pays $15 per month or whatever they can afford to support a teenager.

  • The cost to sponsor a girl in the USA is US$50.00 per month.

What Happens When You Sponsor a Teenager?

When you sponsor a teenager, you will receive a photo and information sheet on the teen assigned to you.  It will give you details about the girl you are supporting.

Each time our worker in Asia sends a report, you will receive an update to let you know how your teen is doing and how she is progressing in vocational school.  Our workers send a report quarterly.

If you can receive your reports by e-mail, please let us know.  This is our preferred means of keeping you informed.  It will save the cost of printing and mailing your report.  We also send our Foundation newsletters by e-mail.

Your donation will purchase everything the teenager needs:  food, shoes, a Bible, umbrella, clothing, bedding, vocational school supplies, daily necessities (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.), and medical care.

Your monthly donation goes into the teenager’s fund.  Some months a foster care family may spend more than $30 per teen, such as when vocational tuition has to be paid or when extra clothing or medical care is needed.  We pay the cost of living expenses and/or tuition for the teens when they live at the vocational school and are not in the foster home.

Some sponsors make additional donations for the teenager’s birthday.  Some sponsors desire to give extra so that the teen may have a little extra money to spend for special events or New Year’s celebrations.

We encourage sponsors to establish a relationship with their teenager by writing letters and sending photographs.  You will email your letter to our staff and we, in turn, will email them to our workers.  Our Asian workers will translate your letter into their language and give both copies to the teen.  The teens are encouraged to write back to their sponsors.  Our workers will translate their letter into English and send it to us by e-mail.  The worker will forward the teen’s letter as it is written if she has learned enough English.

How to Sponsor a Girl?

sponsor a child - Save Asian SoulsYou can begin your sponsorship by reviewing and selecting your preferred support option located under “What are My Options?”.