About Us

Our goal is to rescue teens (approx. ages 12 to 20) in Asia who would possibly become targets for human trafficking to other countries.  We would provide the following for these teens:

  • A safe place to live (a shelter)
  • Bible teaching and vocational education
  • Assist in finding work for these teens after developing work skills
  • Follow-up with the girls to be sure they are successful in life and active in the church

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Potential teenagers available:

Thousands of teenagers are sold, entrapped, coerced, tricked, drugged and other means to make them slaves of organized crime in many countries outside and inside of Asia.  For example, Japan’s criminal underground brothels have approximately one hundred and fifty thousand girls in their prostitution racket. About twenty thousand young girls leave Nepal each year to become prostitutes in other countries.  This is true of many Asian countries.  The sex trade continues to worsen with each passing year.

Shelter in Nepal- Rescuing Teens from Human Trafficking - Save-Asian-Souls

Shelter in Nepal

Management team:

The Foundation is incorporated in the USA and is a 501(c)(3) IRS nonprofit foundation.  It will also be registered in several Asia countries where we will operate.  The operations will be under the supervision of an eldership of the Red Boiling Springs church of Christ.  The director of the foundation is Ron Brown in the US until a permanent Christian man can be found to carry on the work.  The Red Boiling Springs elders will make all decisions on the work of Save Asian Souls.


A team of churches of Christ congregations in Asia will handle the operations in their areas.  This effort will target the teenagers before they become victims of the criminal elements and are moved from their home country to another country.  The services provided for these teenagers is outlined in the goals above.  Each country where these teens live will have a shelter that will care for them until they are stable enough to survive on their own and not become victims of the criminal elements.  The following countries will be considered:

China – Rebecca Song

Laos – Hongkham Leuthnapha, Director of Laos operations.

Nepal (Lokendra, BK,  Director of Nepal operations. Safe House in Chitwan Narayangarh, Nepal.)

Philippines – Ronald Brown is constructing an orphanage (Visit https://www.casaesperanzaofangels.com/ for more info).  (Many contacts are located in the Philippines.)

Thailand – Construction of a new safe house to begin in 2018. 

USA – 50 Church of Christ orphanages will serve as safe houses for sex slave victims who are in the USA as prostitutes.

Vietnam (We have made contact with our workers in Vietnam, they will cooperate with us)


All of our works will consist of team efforts to accomplish our goals.

Other areas will be selected as the foundation grows and can handle more teens.  The number of teens trafficked is in the range of twenty million per year.  Our opportunities are unlimited.  God will be pleased with us saving lives and soul.

We will seek to collaborate with local and worldwide organizations, corporations, churches and businesses to gain donations, goods, or services at reduced prices.  We will seek to become active in the community to make our efforts known to those who may be able to assist in the support of the vulnerable girls.