Thousands of teenagers are sold, entrapped, coerced, tricked, drugged and other means to make them slaves of organized crime in many countries outside and inside of Asia.  For example, Japan’s criminal underground brothels have approximately one hundred and fifty thousand girls in their prostitution racket. About twenty thousand young girls leave Nepal each year to become prostitutes in other countries.  This is true of many Asian countries.  The sex trade continues to worsen with each passing year.

Our goal is to rescue teens (aprox. ages 12 to 20) in Asia who would possibly become targets for human trafficking to other countries.

We Provide
  • A Safe Place to Live,
  • Bible Teaching,
  • Vocational Education, and
  • Assistance in Finding Work for These Teens.

Learn more about SAVE-ASIAN-SOULS, our work, and how you can partner with us to make a difference.